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Massage Treatments

Relaxes tense and tired muscles
and eliminates toxins to
promote whole body relaxation

Facial Treatments

All facials will leave your skin hydrated,
revived and nourished.


A complimentary holistic therapy
working on reflex points
to help relax and de-stress

Mobile Massage and Holistic Therapy Treatments in Rochdale and Surrounding Areas

Hi, I’m Rachel Pollitt, owner of Relax and Pamper Rochdale. I am a full member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists.

We all suffer from the stress and strains of modern living and over time forget how to relax and cherish ourselves. My aim is to give your mind and body the ‘time out’ they really deserve.

All treatments are carried out in the comfort of your own home. I want to ensure that you enjoy a safe and relaxing pamper treatment that is perfect for you. I work in Rochdale, Bury and the surrounding areas.

Please get in touch and start regularly treating yourself to a selection of my wide ranging relaxation and pampering treatments.

Relaxing ‘Time out’ and ‘Time for you’

Holistic Treatments


I offer a range of holistic treatments. You can explore each of the treatments and their cost by clinking on the tabs below

Full Body Massage

Using a personalised degree of pressure, this relaxes tense, tired muscles, eliminates toxins and relieves stress in order to promote whole body relaxation.

Treatment: 1 hour. Price: £30

Facial Massage

Using highly nourishing oil, this unique and effective massage technique acts as a facial exercise to make you look and feel younger. Who needs surgery when this blissful treatment leaves you looking and feeling radiant?

Treatment: 45 minutes. Price: £25

Indian Head Massage

We carry tension on many parts of our body but specifically around our head and neck. Nourishing grape seed oil is massaged into into your shoulders, neck, scalp and upper back, leaving you feeling calm and tranquil.

Treatment: 45 minutes Price: £25

Back Massage

This calming technique works on the whole of the back area to reduce stress, strain and muscle tension whilst the grape seed oil nourishes this ‘hard to reach’ area of the body.

Treatment: 45 minutes Price: £25

Thai Foot Massage

This is a wonderful massage, one worth taking time out for!

The ultimate therapeutic and newly popular massage of the feet and lower legs. Using techniques that the Thai have used for for centuries. It involves traditional Thai foot massage movements, along with the use of a rounded wooden stick to stimulate the reflex points. It is a holistic healing technique that provides all round body harmony, leaving your feet and lower legs softened, moisturised and nourished.

Treatment: 1 Hour. Price: £25

Foot Massage

The therapeutic massage of the feet and lower legs, which may help to improve circulation and ease muscle tension..

Gentle and relaxing techniques to leave your feet and lower legs softened, moisturised and nourished.

1  Hour £25

Reflexology Foot

Reflexology is a complementary holistic therapy, which works on the reflex points on the feet, that correspond to all the different parts of the body, organs and glands. Take the opportunity to relax, de stress and take time for yourself.

Treatment:45minues Price £25


I am a qualified Reiki master. Reiki is described as universal energy. ‘REI’ refers to universal energy and ‘KI’ is the life force which flows through all living beings.

Reiki is a non invasive complementary therapy said to promote natural energy flow for health, well being and total relaxation.

Treatment: 45 minutes Price: £25



A selection of kind words Clients have written about my treatments…

“Thank you for the comfort you give me Rachel, l am walking on air” – . Wendy Gray

“Thank you so much for your visit today, such a lovely time during treatment. You are a gem, Rachel.” –  Birdy Law

“My feet feel so much better after your massage, l will certainly be having that again, just wonderful.” –  Susan Shaw

“Rachel you are so very generous with your time. Thank you, I feel so much better after your visit” – . Karen Hall

“Loved that you come to my house. So much more relaxing”Sarah Hall

“My skin feels so soft after that facial massage Rachel and my make up has gone on lovely the day after”Vickie Greenwood

“Rachel you are so professional and put me at ease immediately. Thank you for being so generous with your time”Yvette Moore

“Your hands are magical Rachel. So soft and gentle, you put me to sleep every time”Tricia Harvey

“Wow that Foot Massage was amazing Rachel. Can’t believe I fell asleep again.”Marie Morris

“You are so generous with your time Rachel”Claire Hughes

“Thank you Rachel, that Full Body Massage was so relaxing and has really distressed me.” –  Amy Jones

“Amazing…. Thai foot massage & full body massage! Can’t wait to book in again!! xxx” – Keri Fullerton

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Thai foot massage. It was a real pleasure to meet you and my feet feel like a million dollars.xx”Colleen Carney Paterson

“Had a wonderful relaxing facial massage this afternoon, it was bliss my skin feels fantastic and I feel totally revived thank you so much it was incredible I will be booking more xx”Joanne Taylor

“Thank you Rachel. What a fantastic pamper evening you provided for the girls. What a great idea wine nibbles and a pamper by Rachel. The treatments were to a high standard and also value for money. We will be booking again soon.” – Angela Golden

“Had another amazing treatment/pamper. This time the back massage. Exfoliation. Mud treatment. Wow. Soo relaxing” Janet Rubanik

Thai foot message is so relaxing and Rachel is lovely, highly recommend it.” – Vivienne Spencer

I had a Thai foot massage it was heaven ladies you must try it! Thanks Rachel Pollitt” – Sharon Howarth

“Got a facial as a birthday present. The best facial I’ve ever had.” – Alison Redfern

“Had an amazing facial and foot massage this morning.  I came home feeling totally chilled out and even had to have a little snooze on the couch!” – Catherine Pollitt

“Rachel did a body wrap treatment for me which was wonderful, it was sooooo relaxing. Will highly recommend to everyone!” – Jemma Glassey

“Today I had the Indian head massage and the Thai foot massage! Both amazing treatments!  Lovely treat for yourself or for others!!” – Leanne Greenwood

“Rachel treatments are a must for helping you unwind and feel your best. I have also had reiki with Rachel. She makes you comfortable and at ease and it was an uplifting experience. Oh and try an Indian Head massage too!” – Janet Kearney

Gift Vouchers


Treat somebody else to the ‘time out’ and pampering they deserve

Relax and pamper gift vouchers are available on request.
What a great way to treat family and friends by giving them a voucher to use against
the cost of any of my treatments.

If you wish to purchase a gift voucher, please give me a call on the following number: 07746961410.

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